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Tongkat Ali Root Extract

What Is Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Extract is a natural testosterone booster that works in several ways to safely increase your bodies natural production of testosterone, this can have many positive results, such as; reversing the effects of Erectile Dysfunction while increasing your ability to burn body fat and increase muscle mass.

How Tongkat Ali Extract Works

Tongkat Ali contains the effective ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia, this works by stimulating natural testosterone production and also blocking the negative feedback cycle that occurs when your testosterone level reaches its natural peak. As your natural peak is reached without Tongkat your body sends a signal to the pituitary gland and hypothalamus that initiates a decrease in testosterone production. The Eurycoma Longifolia from Tongkat Ali blocks this signal allowing your body to produce testosterone at a steadily increasing rate well above your natural level, this steady increase of free testosterone in the body has prove clinically to increase strength, increase muscle mass, reduce body fat and increase sex drive.

Independent Studies 

In 2003 Tongkat Ali was clinically tested against a placebo and came back with amazing results, the effects of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack are documented in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (Article Number 007) The tests show a large increase in testosterone levels over a 12 week period of usage compared to those using the placebo. This results in the candidates that took the Tongkat Ali having a grater increase in fat free mass at the end of the trial.

Other Tests on Tongkat Ali

Testosterone levels 4 weeks from finishing the first 8 week cycle.

Testosterone levels 8 weeks into the second of 2 cycles. 

Reverse side of the results pages showing standard levels for all age ranges and gender. 

Guidelines For Buying Tongkat Ali Root Extract

1. ALWAYS buy root extract that specifies the extract strength, for bodybuilding or post cycle therapy no less than 1:200.

2. ALWAYS buy Tongkat Ali Eurycoma Longifolia Jack root extract and not just Tongkat Ali or your purchase is useless.

3. ALWAYS buy Indonesian and not Malaysian extract, Malaysian Tongkat has been found to have high lead content. Not only is our Tongkat from Indonesia but the World A.B.S™ TKA 1:200 we sell uses a patented Eurycoma Longifolia Jack root extraction method that lower any impurities further, giving the cleanest Tongkat Ali extract on the market.

4. Only buy Tongkat root extract that has been taken from trees at least 10 years of age or the extract is considered less effective.

5. BEWARE of certain brands claiming stupidly high milligram content of their capsules this is often the first sign of a scam and they will attempt to justify this claim by telling you it's not actually 1650mg in the capsules but has the equivalent of having 1650mg of Tongkat leaf.

Tongkat Ali Quality Comparison

  • TKA 1:200™ is free of metallic and microbiological contamination. For more detail here to view manufactures certificate of analysis.

Honest Information 

Over the years a lot of bully tactics and bad marketing have built up through out the whole dietary supplement industry doing untold harm and causing much confusion for consumers.

At Tongkat Fitness™ we don’t participate in slandering other brands or products, or any other underhand marketing tactics for that matter, we try to focus on being honest, helpful and retailing the best products that we ourselves use and believe in.

We Don't run an eBay shop or any other websites, we only have this one site, from which we currently sell the World A.B.S™ brand of Tongkat Ali and until we find a better quality of extract we will continue to do so.

Why Use 1:200 Strength

Tongkat Ali comes in three main strengths 1:50 1:100 and 1:200, This strength ratio means inside a 1:200 strength 300mg capsule for every 1 part of the Tongkat Ali you get 200 parts Eurycoma Longifolia Jack extract, to break it down further to match our 30 day cycle pack using 1:50 strength tongkat you would have to consume 480 capsules in 30 days! not only is this hard on your digestive system but if you grab a calculator and check out the price of 480 1:50 300mg capsules we think you will find our Tongkat Ali is unbeatable value for money. 

What To Expect From Using 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract 

Week (1). On your first week you will not notice a huge change in your body as your testosterone level will be just over normal, an increased sex drive should be noticeable. 

Week (2). By week two you should notice a steady increase in strength and a faster recovery rate after training.

Week (3). During week three you should experience your strength increasing further as well as a heightened sense of well-being, you may also notice a slight increase in aggressiveness towards your workout and a slightly shorter temper than normal this is just a side effect from the extra testosterone in your body (if at any time you find it hard to control your aggression stop taking the Tongkat until you feel your ready to continue the cycle).

Week (4). By now you should have noticed an increase in lean muscle mass as well as a noticeable reduction of body fat also your general feel good factor and confidence levels should be significantly higher than normal.

Week (5) & (6). During weeks five and six your testosterone levels will be substantially higher than normal, this is when you will notice the greatest benefits from your TKA 1:200 getting gains of lean muscle mass and depending on your initial BMI you should see further reductions in body fat.

Tongkat Ali Side Effects

The side effects from Tongkat Ali when used for bodybuilding are mild and in our opinion and pail in comparison to the advantages.

Through our experience we have noted the following side effects:

1.) Slightly raised aggression, (not uncontrollable but you will notice that a traffic jam will tend annoy you more than it used to).

2.) Restlessness, (when you use tongkat ali in high doses your energy levels will rise and you may find yourself staying up later).

3.) Raised libido / sexual desire and Activity (This is a common side effect when using Tongkat Ali root extract but is also the desired effect by some Tongkat Ali users, this is could be considered a negative side effect if you are single!)

All the above effects are a standard result of increased levels of testosterone in your body.

To date we have not noted any male pattern balding or hair loss of any kind.

*PLEASE NOTE: The above side effects are taken from an honest account of our personal experience with Tongkat Ali and NOT that of a doctor, qualified personal trainer, therapist, dietitian or nutritionist. If you are prone to illness or allergies please consult a doctor before taking dietary supplements of any kind. 

Tongkat Ali Dosage

For best results using Tongkat Ali while bodybuilding it is recommended that you follow the manufactures directions and take your extract four capsules per day, as evenly spread throughout the day as possible, for example one capsule before breakfast, one before lunch, the third capsule before an evening meal and the fourth capsule before you go to bed.

A six to eight week cycle is what most bodybuilders typically run with a break period lasting around 40% of your on cycle time, for example if you ran an eight week cycle you would want to take a break of no less than three and a half weeks.

If you are using Tongkat Ali to increase your sex drive as many people do, a shorter cycle period is often used. Some users have been known to cycle five days on, two days off as they only wish to increase their testosterone levels slightly but stay on the Tongkat Ali for extended periods of time, again five days on two days off meets the recommended 40% off cycle time.

*PLEASE NOTE: The above information is taken from manufactures packaging and usage information, it is not that of a doctor, qualified personal trainer, therapist, dietitian or nutritionist. If you are prone to illness or allergies please consult a doctor before taking dietary supplements of any kind. Never exceed the dosage stated by the manufacturer.

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